Lakers Scout, Former NFL Cheerleader Bonnie-Jill Laflin Has 5 More Championship Rings Than LeBron James!


Did you know that Lakers owner Jerry Buss has a good friend with a hot daughter that Jerry figured would make an excellent Lakers scout?

That daughter, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, has made her rounds over the years on blogs because she was/is a model, was a 49ers/Cowboys cheerleader, is hot, was once a Hooters model, once did some of that faux PETA nudie action and even attended the 2008 ESPYs with Jerry Rice.

She’s also the very first female NBA scout and is even a D-League assistant general manager. In other words, she’s the NBA’s WAG. And has a hand full of championship rings from her years of being involved with sports via cheerleading and scouting.

For some reason, Laflin has made a mini-media comeback this summer thanks to ESPN and Slam! Q&As where she tackles the Triangle and her place in a man’s sport.

From the recent ESPN interview:

6. Someone told me you have a Super Bowl ring. What?

“Yes, I was a cheerleader in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. I have one Super Bowl ring from the 49ers in 1994 and four NBA championship rings from the Lakers.”

So she’s now tied with Steve Kerr and Ron Harper. Not bad for a chick who has been ripped for her position in sports and her beauty.

From the Slam! interview that dropped over the weekend:

SLAM: Did cheerleading and modeling help or hurt you?
BJL: I think it hurts. I’m always trying to gain this credibility. It’s a constant battle because of my looks. People have this perception of if you’re pretty or if you’re a cheerleader, then you must be stupid. [Laughs]

Modeling hurts? We’d say it’s been pretty damn good to her. Just look at BJ’s Twitter account.

Look, we’re not morons here. Jerry knows a PR move when it’s smacking him in the face. We also know Ms. Laflin has an eye for sports because she can actually pick out John Lackey’s goofy ass at a horse racing event where there are many other rich, hot(ter) guys floating around with gigantic investment accounts.

Here is what we want to see out of Ms. Laflin.

Enough of the scouting crap. We want her on NBA sidelines reporting on the games. Maybe a tight yellow mini-dress when she covers Lakers games for TNT. Maybe a red one for Knicks games.

Give up the job where nobody sees you. At 34 the days of being able to be taken seriously in front of a camera are dwindling. You’ve already won more titles than LeBron will in his career. There will always be the mid-to-late 40s to catch Robert Horry for 7 titles. Use these last remaining years of beauty wisely.

Maybe get hitched up with a baseball player. Get your face back into Maxim/FHM Bulgaria. Whatever.

We need BJ. And she needs her fans. Let’s work this out.

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