Video: Angels Frat Boys Vs. 450 LB. Competitve Eater In Massive 4th Of July Fireworks Brawl


Posted: July 4, 2010

Premise of Video: This looks to be yet another nice fight at an Angels game, something that usually doesn’t happen with these disgustingly boring baseball fans. But shit happens when you mix the running mouths of Angels fan and this grotesque dude who looks like he hasn’t missed a meal in years.

Climax of Video: Sumo dude pins frat boy against the seat and calls the hot dog guy for some brats before kicking frat boy’s ass. Well, we made up the brat part of the story. You’ll see. There’s tons of shit kicking. Enjoy.

Conclusion: Look at the cops and security just letting the drunks get in their punches. You throw one of these drunks on the field and those police go nuts. You see them fighting and don’t do shit? Makes sense.

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