The Afternoon Dump: Easy Money From Strasburg, Mentalist Can Cure The Pirates, Crazy and Disturbing Fan Injuries, Jay-Z Helps New York, Flying Car Gets Made, Ashley Greene Is Just Sexy, Wild Amateurs, & Rachel Robers Loves To Be Nude


Go meet a girl like Jacqueline Grey and have fun!

It is finally the 4th of July weekend. You know what that means? Drinking. Drinking. Oh and some more drinking. Maybe some family time thrown in there too.

I am off to Chicago now. Time for some fun.

Have a good one.

Afternoon Dump

It’s so easy to bank off of Stephen Strasburg [Bet Vega]
Renowned mentalist insists he can fix the Pirates losing problem [Sportress of Blogitude]
Now that is an epic dodgeball KO [unathletic]
The 10 craziest and most disturbing fan injuries [Bleacher Report]
Breaking out the big guns, Jay-Z meets with Lebron James [F-Listed]
Unraveling the truth in Independence Day [The Slanch Report]
8 historic symbols that mean something opposite of what you thought [Cracked]
10 people you see on the 4th of July [Bro Bible]
The flying car is finally on its way! [EgoTV]
Kim Kardashian’s wax figure is kind of disturbing [Celebrity Odor]
Ashley Greene drops some serious cleavage [Popoholic]
Friday’s just bring out the craziness in girls [Funtasticus]
Sophie Turner looks good when she works out [Don Chavez]
Rachel Roberts doesn’t need any clothes [Plunder Guide]
Everyone loves hot and sexy girls [Caveman Circus]

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