Oregon Cheerleaders > USC Song Girls: Kelsey & UO Cheerleaders In A Hot Tub

We’ve received quite a few emails lately from guys who are jonesing for something football-related – preferably college – to get them through these boring months of soccer and baseball.

July is here and it’s like a bell going off at BC HQ. This is the time of year when the editors start scouring the Internet for lovely cheerleaders, drunken footballers & small nuggets of info that will keep you freaks happy until the games begin in late August.

Today we kick off Football ’10 with Oregon Cheerleaders > USC Song Girls. As if this has been a competition for the last four years.

It’s no secret to those men who follow such news that the Oregon cheerleading team is the sexiest, most beautiful, best tanned, sexiest dressed, etc. unit in all of college athletics. Their prowess has been well documented on this site.

But as with every dynasty, there is a unit out there that wants to dethrone these ladies. For years, the USC Song Girls produced an astounding crop of cheerleaders until Natalie Nelson came along. That might have been the moment in time when the Song Girls jumped the shark. She wasn’t even close to being hot and is considered to have used nepotism to get a spot on this prestigious squad.

Then along came the UO Ducks cheerleaders. Suddenly, via exposed abs and the shortest skirts in the business, UO was on the map. Men were then introduced to Amanda Pflugrad & Katelynn Johnson.

Those two lovely ladies have recently graduated.

Would the UO cheerleading squad crumble? Nope.

They just reload. Enter Kelsey L., who is in the hot tub above with three cheerleader friends. (We’re not releasing her full name to prevent you morons from being morons to her.)

The Kelsey Dossier:

• Preparing for sophomore season.

• Is single!

• Actually works for her money instead of relying on parents or financially connected college athlete.

• Doesn’t mind getting dirty on a four-wheeler.

• Likes Will Ferrell movies.

• Tight 19-year-old abs.

• Is SINGLE!@!

Help us help BC readers. Know of a cute college cheerleader who needs to be seen by the masses? Email us.


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