Nightcapper: A Busted Coverage Music Orgasm – Matador's 21st Birthday Party In Vegas

Look, we rarely talk music on this site because it wasn’t in our original charter way back in 2007.
Busted Coverage was built on tits and Tebow. Booze and bimbos. Drunken videos and Undie Runs.
So bare with us as we geek the [email protected] out on news that Matador Records is throwing itself a 21st birthday party this fall in Vegas with one of the greatest indie music lineups to ever perform in the great state of Nevada.
There is very specific news on that poster that just about caused us to go crazy [email protected] insane – Guided by Voices, the classic lineup. Not familiar? That’s probably because you were busy with your 5th grade homework of word find worksheets and blowing on a recorder for music class.
Not us.
Look, assholes, we are old(er) and from Dayton, O. So is GBV. Look them up (see: Bee Thousand, widely considered an all-time greatest indie album). These [email protected] throw one insane party. Name another band who brings a bar on stage with them. And plays for 3-4 hours.
That music was about all we had going for us during the mid-to-late 90s. And then the decade got weird. People started to grow up and move away from weekends at Columbus, O. shithole bars. People got rich via startups. Time marched on.
And so here we are in 2010 with news that Uncle Bob, Toby and Mitch are getting back together for Matador.
Did we mention how we’re Pavement fans? We’d even consider a Busted Coverage meet-up if any of our readers actually care about great music that isn’t some auto-tune bullshit that is being pumped into your brain, circa 2010.
If one of our readers happens to be a Matador exec/intern/secretary, don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll totally do dirty things for tickets to the Vegas show.
[email protected]

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