Daily Dump: Jersey Shore 2 Trailer Is Fantastic, The Real World Butterface Goes To Miss. State, Dana White Bans Vuvuzelas, Larissa Riquelme Will Strip, A Mint Ogre Load, Canseco To Fight Again, Kelly Brook In One-Piece & Swiss Boobs

Carly Baker: Not a Michael Vick birthday party shooting suspect.

We tried to bounce back and forth between American Pickers and The Real World.

Yes, it took a serious trigger finger on the remote but we managed. Why not just DVR one of them? Because we’re busy and you are unemployed.

Of course on the Real World you get the ultra gay guy, a straight guy who’s a hairdresser and acts like he wants to bone women, the quasi-jock who’s developing man cans and a horde of women who will eventually be very annoying. There is one chick who’s smoking hot and has an amazing head of hair and a supermodel face.

On American Pickers, the boys went nuts in a warehouse featuring 1930s original Harley parts. It was riveting TV.

In Tiger news, $750 million to the ex? For once it’s Tiger taking it in the ass.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the single greatest ass shot in history of New England [Barstool]

Season 2 trailer of Jersey Shore is here – Bitch fights & grenades! Watch it. [BroBible]

That butterface on Real World last night….goes to Miss. State! Cowbell! [Columbus Dispatch]

Vuvuzelas & UFC 116: “I’d rather let Brock hit me in the face….,” White says [MMA Junkie]

Good: The guy who’s fighting Lesnar not a big fan of the giant asshole [CageWriter]

World Cup Stripping: Larissa Riquelme will get naked if Paraguay wins Cup [Who Ate All…]

NSFW World Cup Boobs: Romania might suck at soccer but the women are fantastic [NSFW POA]

World Cup Vacations: England’s Frank Lampard & WAG enjoy Italy a little early [Goaly Moly]

World Cup Cellphone Disasters: Ashley Cole’s message to England, its fans [Sportress]

LeBron “The Drama Queen Watch”: Carnegie Deli names sandwich after Him [Last Angry Fan]

LeBron “The Drama Queen Watch”: Baseball team begging Him to stay in OH [Out of Bounds]

Phillie Phanatic Civil Suits: Woman claims giant mascot stepped on her, sues [DelcoTimes]

Canseco to fight 60-year-old baseball coach? That should be fun [Larry Brown]

Pic: Who’s up for a mint ogre load? Anyone? [OneQuickBeer]

The World’s Oldest Shoe [Esquire]

Today’s Tail:

More Anna Kournikova & Martina Hingis hugging action for you to peruse [DJ Mick]

Kelly Brook Bathing Suit Update: Rocking the one-piece! Thank you God [The Nip Slip]

Boobs: This is why we always root for the Swiss at Summer Olympics [EHOWA]

For Canada Day – 10 Hottest Famous Canadian Chicks (Pam is still on this list…Booo!) [Gunaxin]

If you are going to get fired for NSFW photos at work, Kitty is a good start [BoobieBlog]

Hayley is an Australian bikini model who’ll give you carpal tunnel [Uncoached]

We have a winner in scariest semi-famous implants competition – Katie Price [CelebSlam]

Denise Milani and some butterface on a beach for a quasi-photoshoot [Dirty Rotten]

Coco’s giant ass continues to spend time on the beach [Don Chavez]

That ugly chick from Bachelor – Vienna – to pose for Playboy…if you care [Yeeeah]

This one-piece bathing suit nearly no match for Penelope’s huge chest [The Beer Goggler]

Hump Day Hotties! is back with enough T&A to get you through a Thursday [Funtasticus]

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