Cuff ‘Em: That Is The Face Of A Little League Dad Who Wanted A Piece Of His Son’s Coach

From NBC Durham (N.C.):

A Raleigh man was arrested Monday in Wilson after getting into a physical altercation with his son’s little league coach.

Witnesses reported to police that Gary Merritt apparently arrived late to the game and saw his son sitting on the bench. According to the victim and the witnesses, Merritt’s son had already played, therefore he was sitting out.

After the game ended Merritt approached the coach, Charles Edwards, during the team meeting and allegedly began yelling and cursing at the coach. Witnesses say two parents stepped in between the two men and a fight ensued.


Dad shows up to a Little League game drunk (just an assumption) and thinks that $100 in beer money he burnt on baseball for his youngster was being wasted. Then dad gets his. Kudos to the parents that whipped his ass. That face isn’t showing the bruising yet, but you can see that his left orbital will be MMA-like in the morning.

Just another assumption: Gary is divorced and has a dog that hates him. Just a guess.

[Dad Arrested Following Fight With Little League Coach]

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