Nightcapper: KU Superfan/Porn Star Samantha Ryan Takes Time Out Of Blowing Dudes Work Schedule To Play At WSOP


When’s the last time you were playing poker next to some chick who blows dudes for a living?



But you dweebs have the chance if you get your ass out to Vegas and table up with KU superfan Samantha Ryan (this should remind you of why Ms. Ryan is considered a KU legend) who has rescheduled her vaginal sex-capades for a chance at big money at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

Our friends at Wicked Chops Poker have been stalking her as she competes in preliminary tournaments. If there photographic coverage isn’t enough to satisfy your poker/porn star cravings, Sammy RyRy is using Twitter to keep us up-to-date of getting rivered, hammered by a back-door straight and the always interesting double belly buster.

Where else can you get poker talk and a chick announcing, “Gettin ready to go live on! Cum play with me no matter what your fantasy or fetish!”

BC’s Inbox:

Barry In Ontario writes of the : “Can’t figger if it’s eco friendly or just a lazy asshole.”

BC response: Honestly, this is the very first non-chick, non-sports photo ever sent to Busted Coverage. Our advice? That guy seems to solve all the bullshit housing issues in Canada. Or…buy some ducks and goats.

Greg in Connecticut writes: “I figured I’d e-mail you guys to try and get some publicity for a fellow UConn Alum and potential Maxim Hometown Hottie Meredith Parker.”

BC response: Of course we’d love to give Meredith some publicity…in the form of a link to one of the greatest photos of “Hot Chicks Modeling Beer Kegs” this media outlet has ever seen. And Greg, let us know if Meredith is down with 5 Questions from BC’s editorial board. We ask questions guys really want to know.

Have a porn star story to tell us about? Your mom used to dabble in porn? Something to get off your chest? Write to us.


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