Cuff ‘Em: Does This Dwarf Look Like He’d Drink For 48 Hours, Threaten Cops With Baseball Bat?


From The Mirror (U.K.):

A dwarf, who had been drinking for two days, was arrested after he threatened police with a baseball bat that was almost as big as him.

Lee Kildare, who stands just 3ft 11in, was tackled by officers as he clutched the bat in the street.

When they eventually disarmed him, he snarled: “I have got some mates. I will get your face smashed in.” After his arrest he told police he had been drinking for 48 hours.

That dwarf is 24 and is a hired gun for burglars looking for a guy to squeeze into houses, according to the Mirror.

And look at that face. Look, there isn’t anything worse than a drunken dwarf who isn’t afraid of a confrontation. Of course a regular sized dude could just pick him up and play some dwarf toss, but you know this little shit would have no problem ripping a chunk of meat out of your thigh if it came down to it.

[Boozed-up dwarf Lee Kildare threatened police]

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