Guy With No Arms Throws Out First Pitch The Night Of Edwin Jackson's No-Hitter

To say pitching was on display last Friday night in St. Petersburg, Florida would be an understatement.
Not only did Edwin Jackson become just another pitcher to enjoy the post-steroids era with a no-hitter, but some no-armed dude was allowed to throw out the game’s first pitch.
And it was a strike, according to the one guy in the stadium using his Twitter account.

We’re still efforting video that anyone might have of Friday’s first pitch.
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But, we do know this is the real deal via a Deadspin report on Tom Willis, a motivational speaker who frequents baseball stadiums to show off his mad skills throwing baseballs with his feet.
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Tom’s report from the Rays game via his blog:

When I climbed onto the mound to get set I started to lose my balance.  So on the TV replay I will likely look like I’m
failing a DUI test.  But once I got set I let it rip… so of course it was all a blur.  But I do remember seeing the ball sail
across the plate and hit the dirt just in front of my catcher.  So the evening got off to a great start.
Unfortunately for the Rays, my stellar performance wasn’t enough to jump start the team.  Not only did they lose 1-0 to
the D-backs… but they were the victim of a “no hitter” by Edwin Johnson, starting pitcher for the D-backs.  Ironically,
Johnson was recently traded to the D-backs by the Rays.

Tom is on some sort of U.S. tour where he is trying to throw out first pitches at as many stadiums as he can. Lucky Detroit fans should circle August 10. Tom will bring his show to town for his duties.

FYI – I practice daily to try and perfect my pitching ability. I usually go to a neighborhood park and use the ballfield there. Or I have a tarp set up in my garage that serves as a target. Either way, my goal is 100+ pitches each day. So far, so good!

100 pitches a day? Do we sense a trend here, folks? Can you imagine a stud foot pitcher that could throw 100 pitches without 5 days rest?
If only Bill Veeck was around to sign Tom to a one-game contract.
[Pitch For Awareness – Tom Willis]

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