The Jenn Brown Visits Erin Andrews Old Turf Tour Rolls On – Pageviews 2.0 Works The College World Series


We’ll just throw this out there. Busted Coverage loves Jenn Brown.

The lovefest started when we were in Columbus, Ohio for ESPN GameDay OSU-USC. Jenn (now 29) was there working for ESPNU. Not a soul in the crowd knew who she was. Our camera figured any female that looked like her (in jeans) and holding a mic was instantly BC worthy.

We posted pics and wrote up a little piece. The rest is history. Now, not even a year later, Brown is being shipped around the country visiting all the famous locations where Erin Andrews used to rule.

This week Jenn was in Omaha for the College Baseball World Series. To figure out how ESPN is molding their new sideline princess, look no further than Jenn’s Twitter account.

EA’s contract expires at the end of the month. Mark it down, we are looking at Jenn Pageviews 2.0.

The AP is reporting today that the Andrews contract situation is still up in the air and this might be her final College World Series.

Erin Andrews will talk about sports, about her experience on “Dancing With the Stars” and about her advocacy for crime victims.

As for her status with ESPN once the College World Series ends?

“I’m in a situation where I’m not talking to people about that,” Andrews said Wednesday.

Andrews’ contract expires July 1, meaning the CWS could be her last assignment for the cable sports giant.

Her Los Angeles-based agent, Babette Perry, also declined to comment.

Um, she’s not going to turn down a huge network money or from an Oprah Channel payday. ESPN wouldn’t be having Brown shadowing Andrews if there wasn’t a shakeup coming. Brown has had pieces on SportsCenter, which would not be happening if you were about to give Pageviews a huge pay raise.

In the end does any of this garbage really matter? Not really unless you night revolves around which chick is interviewing a coach after halftime.

Personally, give us Jenn Brown. She’s fresh, already has a bikini photo collection and seems to be much more fun.

* Something we are chewing on – Brown never mentions Erin Andrews even though the two are at the same event. That seems odd. Just saying.

[Jenn Brown – Twitter]

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