Nightcapper: As If We Could End This Day Without Posting Bill Clinton Sharing A Beer With Team USA


Busted Coverage reader Connor in Oklahoma City sent this one over while he was at work which means he wasn’t actually working and instead was dreaming of his ass being in South Africa doing dirty things to Genevieve Morton and preparing for Saturday’s match against Ghana.

Connor has his ass firmly planted in that office cubicle not doing shit for his company besides emailing us and somehow visiting BC before the asshole IT guys figure out there might be some questionable poon posted at this establishment.

But this is World Cup season. Once every four years. USA to the elimination round. F@ck off, IT guy. Your boy Connor has some tits and soccer to concentrate on.

The photo!

That would be the most-famous-intern-banging-President in US history drinking a Bud with Carlos Bocanegra of Team U.S.A. after the dramatic win over Algeria.

We fully embrace the excitement from Connor, Tim down the street from BC HQ, Kelly in Birmingham and Noel (we forget the key stroke for accent marks) in San Francisco. You soccer freaks deserve this. You deserve a weekend where 2 p.m. EST will be a drunken, crazy soccer/beer bash – on a Saturday in June.

If you have photos of your World Cup experience that we need to see and publish, email us.


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