Nightcapper: The Hottest Rail Girl (So Far) At 2010 WSOP & Her Bogger Picking Poker Playing Boyfriend


Our attention has been focused primarily on the World Cup because of the crazy pageviews from these crazy bastard Portugese readers.

A blogger could post a gallery of 3-foot-5 midget chicks in Brazilian jerseys cut into midget bikinis and these idiots will click away. It’s crazy, profitable and has left us ignoring other ‘sports’ we usually focus on during June.

Poker is one of those ‘sports.’ And then we cruised into Wicked Chops Poker tonight to see what’s doing at the WSOP. What do we find? Mila Kunis crossed with Natalie Portman (yes, we stole that from the Chops crew). And her nose picking boyfriend sweating and digging this week’s action.

We’re told buggy muncher’s name is Evgeny Shnayder and he’s a Russian digger who has won some coin on the California circuit. As if we care about his stupid ass. But….this is a clue in our search for more of the obviously blind girlfriend. Here is another photo of the cute Russian chick in case you recognize her via cleavage.

Know the nose-picker girlfriend’s name? Have photos of her snorting coke during an Alexander Ovechkin boat party? Help us out.


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