Nightcapper: The Lingerie Football League Choses Logical Locale For All-Star Game…Exotic Moterrey, Mexico


Mexican men are suckers for Triple-H inspired LFL entrances.

Just when you figured that the Lingerie Football League would do the logical and hold its 1st (we figure) annual Fantasy Bowl all-star game in Las Vegas, where the ladies could go from tackling drills to having pillow fights in a pool cabana, it didn’t happen.

The LFL must have been thinking outside the box because they took their show earlier this month across the Mexican border to infamous Monterrey, Mexico. Seriously. Here is Monterrey on a map. We’re efforting to make sure all the ladies made it home without being abducted.

Photos after the jump.

Oh, and get this “London, Tokyo and Toronto were in the final round of bidding prior to Monterrey, Mexico being chosen by league officials,” according to a league press release. We’ve seen some bullshit. This is one giant pile of bullshit-age.

Anyway, the game was played and the ladies put on a show because that is what all-stars are paid to do.

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