Cuff 'Em: Charlotte Cops Catch Strippers Showing Cooch, Slap Cuffs On 6

From the Charlotte Observer:

Authorities have arrested six women and were looking for 10 more Thursday night in an investigation of indecent exposure at Charlotte strip clubs, Alcohol Beverage Control officials say.

All 16 topless dancers are charged with violating a state law that, while allowing topless dancing, prohibits dancers at the adult clubs from performing naked.

The recent arrests follow a six-month undercover investigation into eight adult-entertainment clubs, including the city’s two Leather & Lace clubs, Uptown Cabaret on Morehead Street, and the Gentlemen’s Club on Woodlawn Road, just off Interstate 77.

6 months.

Seriously. 6 months.

And the police force paid officers big money, benefits and a pension to go into titty clubs looking for cooch. Awesome use of tax dollars, fellas.

We’ll do it much cheaper than a pensioned, 20-year police veteran. Our ability to get women out of their ‘bottoms’ is legendary. One time we were in this shitty, but somewhat classy Windsor, Ontario titty club and this woman approached us for a ‘dance.’

$20 and a Skid Row song later and she was bottomless. It’s that simple.

[Topless dancers charged with indecent exposure]

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