The Afternoon Dump: 2000 Tiger Woods, New Utah Jazz Logo, Hitler Loves The World Cup, Man vs. Shark, Chicks Who Look The Same, Jessica Alba Is Scary, & Zoo’s Hottie Tina Wallman


Jessica-Jane Clement is still doing the deed.

I hope you are watching NBC right now! The U.S. Open is on! Everyone loves golf.

Tomorrow will be awesome, I am excited. World Cup then US Open.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

It would make sense not to celebrate like this [Big League Stew]
This isn’t the 2000 Tiger Woods [The Big Lead]
If the US can beat Slovenia then they pretty much are in the second round [The Sporting Blog]
The Utah Jazz reveal their new logo today [The Slanch Report]
Don’t ever say you won’t meet women in baseball [With Leather]
Apparently Hitler is a huge soccer fan [Totally Crap]
What should be the next cartoon classic that should be adapted for the big screen? [Asylum]
Man vs. Shark, who do you got? [Deuce of Davenport]
6 insanely misguided attempts at viral marketing [Cracked]
5 people you will meet at the beach [Regretful Morning]
25 chicks who look the same because of sunglasses [Holy Taco]
Wow, Sophie Reade can fill out a bikini [Don Chavez]
Didn’t know Jessica Alba could be scary! [Popoholic]
Seems like everyone attended the Muscle Milk Retreat, even Audrina Partridge [Celebrity Odor]
Tina Wallman looks awesome in Zoo [Next Round]

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