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Steve Phillips' Beefy Work Porker Brooke Hundley Speaks: ESPN Told Me To Get Used To Sexual Harrassment

Posted: Like 30 minutes ago.

Premise of Video: Brooke Hundley, the porker that Steve Phillips was ramming last summer, was on the CBS morning show today explaining why she is now suing ESPN for lost wages and emotional distress – or something. It was also a chance to get her face back in the entertainment world. She’ll also appear on Headline News later tonight.

Climax of Video: Brooke claims ESPN told her to get used to being harassed by the horny men at the WWL.  Other women made comments like, “You’ve officially been initiated,” says Hundley. Wow. Ballsy.

Conclusion: 8 beers and two Irish Car Bombs and we’d pound it.

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