Nightcapper: Erin Andrews Has Been Pounding Beef & Grits To Put Some Meat On The Bones

In case you’ve been wondering, yes, Erin Andrews was nearly Ethopian by the end of Dancing With The Stars and tells US Weekly that she’s too thin and no guy would enjoy looking at a naked video of her at this point.

So we made up that second part. Yeah, so um, she’s on a diet that would make Mark Mangino giddy.

Suck it P90X. Our girl is hammering some beef and other weight gaining specialties.

Details after the jump.

“I’m a little more thin right now than I’d like to be,” Andrews, 32, told at the Gillette Fusion Ultimate Summer Job event Tuesday in NYC. “I would like to put on a couple pounds.”

That’s why she said she is “being sloppy, eating cheeseburgers, having fries and grits in the morning.”

Personally, we could care less if she went Christy Alley. Now that we’ve seen the 30-year-old, in her prime, naked Pageviews, the thrill is over.

Of course we know that gaining weight on sideline reporters scares the shit out of some of you because you see what happened to your wife when she went on the burger/fries/grits diet. You start having nightmares that come early September, EA will look like Shelley Smith.

Easy, fellas. This is just a brief period where Pageviews will round out the ass a little, drink some fluids to hide the veins and still be capable of bringing tears to the eyes of your 11-year-old son.

Sidenote from US Weekly.

Though they have yet to admit they’re an item, she isn’t playing coy when it comes to his looks.

“Maks is just overall sexy!” she gushed. “Maybe it¹s his hair — there’s just so much to choose from!


[Erin Andrews: I’m Too “Thin” Right Now!]