In Which We Debate Whether Donovan McNabb’s Cargo-Capris Are Allowed For Dudes

There has been a huge debate here at BC HQ today over the Donovan McNabb Man-Pris we found him wearing via Mister Irrelevant’s sources at a Clinton Portis football camp.

Since we instantly found these shorts gay, we went right to our source on all things gay, BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

Here is the email response from Rich:

“You guys are so homophobic ;-). Those are perfectly acceptable for a guy who doesn’t want to carry around a man bag. Just look at how you can get your iPod, Blackberry and maybe even an iPad into those. Anyway, quit hating.”

We still feel like there is no acceptable circumstance in which a straight guy should ever wear cargo pants with more than one pocket on each side of his pants. And these are made worse by what looks like pockets on the front of the thigh.

Also, shorts should never have the option to tie them off at the shin. Just sayin’.

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