Video: Ohio's Touchdown Jesus Struck By Lighting, Goes Down In Flames


Posted: Overnight

Premise of Video: There is a church on the East side of Interstate 75 between Dayton, Ohio and Cincinnati that had (until last night via lighting) a statue of Jesus with his arms raised in the air like a football referee signaling “good” for a 23-yard Jim Breech field goal. Yes, BC is from Ohio, and yes, we grew up not far from Touchdown Jesus so that damn thing has been part of our lives for years. Today, Jesus becomes a national phenomenon. Thankfully, we knew the story before Facebook and the Internet discovered him and made it cool for hipsters to friend Jesus on FB.

Climax of Video: If flames burning TD Jesus aren’t enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Conclusion: The church will rebuild which should help the local economy.

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