The Afternoon Dump: Strasburg May Make You Money, Watching Soccer Is Fatal, Images Not To Be Searched For, Scary Looking Pac-Mans, Marisa Miller Playing The Drums, Great Celeb Bikini Gallery, & Nicole Scherzinger’s Hot Body


Ines Sainz is making a name for herself.

I have still been watching soccer and it is disappointing that you can end the game on a 0-0 tie or a tie in general. I want to see a shootout, now that would be awesome. 5 shots per team on the goalie. Now that would be a dramatic ending. Those damn horns are annoying, they need to get rid of those.

Mariners suck now, I haven’t given up faith but come on, WIN SOMETHING.

The Big Ten may as well be called the Big 12 and the Big 12 should be called the Big Ten.

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Afternoon Dump

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