Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Back From Mexico, Wayne Rooney Taking A Leak, South African Noisemaker Nonsense, Katy Perry World Cup Outfit, Futbol Analysis Nip Slips, Chest Ballet And Bikini Model Ember Reigns

Hot Chicks With Guitars They Can’t Play….introducing Michelle.

….and we’re back from 6 days in Mexico.

Things should get back to normal after fighting for a couple days with Mexican Wi-Fi at a rate of “fuck off and get to the beach,” download speed.

We tried, fellas.

It was a pretty good week of dicking off and watching South American ladies go topless. What we cannot, and will never understand, is the man-kini.

Would a Euro dude who visits this site please explain why you want your hairy inside thigh to be exposed to women? Why you need a tight, uncomfortable piece of fabric playing tight man-to-man defense on your penis? Why you want your ass to get plenty of sun?

And what’s up with Mexican TV? Can an American get something other than Rachel Ray & Judge Judy in English?

ESPN was in Spanish. The Finals were in Spanish. All 25 soccer channels were in Spanish. Even Mr. F@cking T infomercials were in Spanish.

It’s good to be home.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with one of our favorite genres – supermodel/ice cream [Don Chavez]

PIC: Wayne Rooney taking a leak on a rock while playing golf in Spain [Dirty Tackle]

South African Noisemakers…Take Your Vuvuzela & Shove It Up Your Ass [Legend of Cecilio]

Katy Perry’s World Cup outfit? [The Beer Goggler]

Staying on subject….sexy women promoting Umbro outfits! [Bleacher Report]

Even sexier World Cup chicks who should be promoting Umbro outfits [Angry T]

Photo: French WAGs traveling to South Africa [Kickette]

US futbol highlight shows would be much better with nip slips (NSFW) [Totally Crap]

In case you haven’t seen Vince Young getting punchy at a strip club [YouBeenBlinded]

…and the video of Wally Backman dropping f-bombs in 2007 [MetsPolice]

WTF is this shit! Nice Toyota sign at Wrigley Field [Out of Bounds]

This would have helped over the weekend – How To Talk Dirty In Bed [Coed]

This is what we saw plenty of in Mexico – Boobies! [Boobie Blog]

Chest ballet? What will these women think of next to make money? [Dirty Rotten]

The total destruction of Pam Anderson’s once hot body rolls on [CelebSlam]

Now this is a great bikini model name – Ember Reigns [Heyman Hustle]

We’d so do dirty things to Natalie Portman [Popoholic]

Stacy Keibler. Muscle Milk. Photos. Holy Shit. [DJ Mick]

Chicks Lighting Farts – The Fails! [Regretful Morning]

…and finally, the hot chick from Ice Road Truckers who, like her counterparts, most likely lights up a semi cab with horrible gas [Esquire]