Cuff 'Em: Whores Steal 2010 World Series Ring From Yankees Triple-Chinned Minor League Pitching Coach

From the NY Daily News:

Patrick Daneker, 34, said he and another coach, Carlos Chantrez, were drinking with the women at the Blue Martini Bar in Tampa on May 30, a Florida TV station reported.
Cops said the women, who Chantrez knew, were dressed in “short mini-skirts” and went back to Daneker’s room at the Holiday Inn Express, reported WTSP Channel 10.
Daneker, who has been the Staten Island Yankees’ pitching coach since 2008, told police he “messed around” with the women, according to the incident report.
Cops said the Cherry Hill, N.J., resident later had a “lapse in memory” and couldn’t remember what happened, the station reported.

The story goes on to say that the whores have been arrested. No word on the ring. It’s probably being traded, as we type, on the Tampa crack black market at this very moment.
Now, who is the wingman for Tubby Tubberson?
The wingman is responsible for this lapse in judgment unless these whores roofied poor Pat who was flashing that giant Yankees ring. Then dumb shit deserved to have it ripped off. Nothing says ‘fleece my fat, drunken, show-off ass,’ like being bombed off your fat ass and wearing a ring that screams ‘take me back to the Holiday Inn Express and go through my shit.’
Nice move, Daneker.
Say goodbye to the pitching gig because the Yanks don’t like being embarrassed and your fat ass is expendable.
By the way, let this be a lesson to all you whore seekers out there. They might look good in those mini-skirts and the boobs might be speaking French to you, but there are only two things that usually happen in such circumstances.
STDs and theft. Learn it.
[Staten Island Yankees’ pitching coach Patrick Daneker: I lost World Series ring to women, booze]

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