Daily Dump: Jim Joyce Probably Didn’t Sleep Last Night, Kelly Brook To Get Naked!, Stormy Daniels 50-Yard-Line Sex, Celtics Dancers NBA Finals Q&A, #thingsjimjoyceruined, Baby Eats Pop Rock, 68 Pointy Pokies & Jordan Carver’s Rack At A Park


Anna Paquin went to the beach and gives the male species this photo greatness.

Look, if you posted a blog entry, Facebook update, tweeted, etc. about Jim Joyce’s blown call, please step away from your computer and get laid. Hand job yourself. Something.

You have too much pent up anger. Getting laid will help you forget – for 2 minutes – that it’s just a stupid game. Yes, a perfect game is super cool and ends up in the record books, but don’t you think Galaraga will benefit more from the exposure of the Worst Call In The History Of Baseball.

We picture an E:60 investigation. A witch hunt. Tears for Armando.

The guy is going to cash in on this shit. He can’t possibly be sent back to the minors now, can he? And Jim Joyce will probably lose his job.

Go back to worrying about the NBA Finals and marathon sex. You’ll feel better.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the Greatest Wedding Band Drumer – Ever [Barstool]

There Is A God – Kelly Brook to get naked for Playboy [DJ Mick]

Strangest Place Stormy Daniels Ever Had Sex? 50-Yard Line At Stadium! [Brobible]

Redskins at +700 to win NFC East – um, jump all over this one! [BetVega]

10 Great Moments In Athletes Puking – of course there is video [Bleacher Report]

Celtics dancers/cheerleaders answer tough questions about NBA Finals [Esquire]

One of the hottest SEC Pooners® now dating Paris Hilton sloppy seconds [FOTP]

While we’re at it – This Florida softballer w/ head on breasts [FratHouse]

Several Australian rugby cheerleaders we’d scrum with [Unathletic]

#thingsjimjoyceruined [Twitter]

Keith Olbermann’s take on last night’s Tigers-Indians mess [Baseball Nerd]

Screencap: ESPN goes way out of its way to tell us Griffey was retiring [Detroit4Lyfe]

Toolbag: A white guy wearing a Kei Igawa jersey spotted at game [The Sports Hernia]

Surfing News: Using cellphone while surfing now scores points on surfing circuit [Deuce]

25 Biggest Pussy Glam Metal Bands – Ever! [Manofest]

Video: Because the world needs a rapping weatherman [Asylum]

Video: Baby eats his very first Pop Rock….via [Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

The woman who is too hot to work at Citibank? You judge [Guyism]

A chick on all fours. A motorcycle. A stunt. Watch this! [Totally Crap]

68 Pointy Pokies: A Gallery. [Coed]

Jordan Carver‘s giant rack enjoys day at the park [BoobieBlog]

In case you missed bare Nicole Kidman boobage in Dead Calm [The Nip Slip]

Sorry, boys, Olivia Munn never got naked for PETA [CelebSlam]

Sexy Chicks & Old School Rides – A gallery [Uncoached]

Several Hump Day Hotties to get you through a Thursday [Funasticus]

…and finally, one of the hottest Jennifer Aniston drawings you’ll ever see [NedHardy]

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