Chicks: Sophie Turner Gets Off A Plane In L.A.; Cameras Catch Her In Single Pose, Produce 11 Photos

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Sophie Turner became one of our all-time favorite Australian models after she actually re-tweeted us. It was a major moment for this operation. Right up there with appearing on ESPN – twice.

Back in May we warned you that Sophie would dominate 2010. After first landing in L.A. in December 2009, Ms. Turner has been on a rampage, whether it be having a milkshake named after her or tweeting at a dizzying pace.

Did we mention the breasts? They don’t stop and neither does Sophie.

Here she is over the weekend at LAX. Her PR agent called some paps, said Sophie would be flying in. She gets off the plane, picks up luggage and BOOM, photos for the world to see.

*Sophie Turner, LAX, 05/30/10

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