Anna Chyzhova Is The Cute Chick Who Had Her Face Rearranged By Police At The Preakness

We’re a couple days behind on this story due to taking a three-day weekend and our Google Alert for “Hot Chicks Bloodied By Police At The Preakness” ping failed.

When we think of Preakness and women fighting police, instantly our thoughts turn to some fat slob who felt slighted on her crab cakes.

A foreign-looking chick with blood spewing from her mouth is what we got. Anna Chyzhova will never forget her 2010 Preakness bash.

From one of the local TV affiliates:

Police said the woman, identified as Anna Chyzhova, was intoxicated and assaulted another person at a ticket window. Authorities said when officers moved in to arrest her, she punched an officer.”The officer tried to restrain her and did strike her back because she couldn’t use her department-issued Mace because of the large group of people. So, she did strike the suspect, the suspect went down, and that’s pretty much the end of it,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Of course somebody was running video as police tried to cuff the drunk.

We won’t even get into police drilling a hot chick in the face. She probably had it coming and wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Just watch the video and figure out how bad you’d freak out if that was your date and her really, really serious foreign father was at home waiting for her return from the drunken fun.

[2 Charged With Striking Officer At Preakness]