Fan Fights! Fat Yankees Fan Unleashes His Inner Manny Pacquiao On Some Punk’s Head

You know how the Yankees moved into new Yankees Stadium, jacked up the ticket prices and left most every garbage worker sitting in the nose bleeds?

We found one guy that must have scrounged up enough paychecks to afford the close-to-the-field action and proceeded to kick the shit out of some punk last Wednesday night during the Yanks-Rays series.

This is a classic.

Posted: May 20, 2010

Premise of Video: Fans are just enjoying another $500 night out at a Yankees game when a few older guys go toe to toe with some young whippersnappers. Wrong move, young guy. You picked the wrong fat dude to tangle with.

Climax of Video: Fat guy puts together several combinations that have us yearning for the days when white guys actually boxed.

Conclusion: Attention, Dana White! Get this guy signed. NOW!

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