Our Gift To "Kevin The Intern For His 21st Birthday" Daily Dump: A Bunch Of Boobs, Beer & More Boobs


One of Kev’s favorites for obvious reasons – Hillary Fisher

He can’t write a coherent sentence. He mumbles. He’s a broke ass college student who is known to beg for money. He goes to Purdue and actually thinks his school could win a NCAA Tournament.

He can be a pain in our asses. He can’t spell to save his life. He used to dream of being an air traffic controller (which scared the shit out of us.) And he hates Indiana U.

He’s Kevin The Intern and his non-poon getting ass turned 21 yesterday. We figured a Daily Dump in his honor was justified the day after his birthday because it’s Friday and pretty much a worthless day in the sports world.

Kev came along to Busted Coverage when he was a 19-year-old horned up college student. He’s blossomed into a 21-year-old perv that reminds us of our lives 10 years ago.

Congrats, buddy. Now there are no excuses for not getting drunk and hitting on the ladies at the bars.



A Dump Just For Kevin The Intern:

…we get this birthday Dump rolling with Kev’s favorite – Tata Thursday [Funtasticus]

At least you can now legally bong beers with these chicks – Beer Bong Babes! [Coed]

And legally go to Vegas to peruse the Top 5 Vegas Strip Clubs [Associated Content]

And legally drink at a baseball stadium and get this drunk [YouTube]

And legally drink at bars and try to pick up MILFs such as Brooke [CelebSlam]

How about some Nina Moric in a jumpsuit? Birthday motorboating! [BoobieBlog]

Hey, Kev! Just think if you had a prof. that looked like Alice Goodwin (NSFW) [Dirty…]

Your drunk ass might be able to be Victoria Silvstedt’s towel boy [Guyism]

Getting older means a real job – soon – which means SECRETARIES!! [Asylum]

With a job comes real money and trips to Brazil to see chicks such as Lisiane [Uncoached]

Now you can actually buy a drink for Edyta Sliwinski & get rejected [The Nip Slip]

Here you go, Kev – The Hottest Chick You’ll See In This Birthday Dump [Brosome]

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