Video: Habs Chick Shows Us Cleavage And Tells Us Why Montreal Can’t Score Against Flyers, Or Something

Why are we pulling for the Montreal Canadiens to get their shit together in the Eastern Conference Finals?

So this chick doesn’t stop posting YouTube videos showing American men how sexy a referee outfit, boobs and the French tongue can be when recapping the NHL playoffs.

Video after the jump.

Posted: May 18, 2010

Premise of the Video: We’re not experts in the French tongue, but we’ll go out on a limb and say Michele is pissed at the Montreal offense and it’s inability to stick the rubber in the five hole. She is pretty calm so it’s very possible some dude has cue-carded her.

Climax of the Video: That Montreal logo has us mesmerized.

Conclusion: This series is now in Montreal. Game 3 is tonight. Check your listings. Expect another video from Michele – or whatever her name is – where she’ll address the Habs goaltending issues.

[HT: The 700 Level]

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