Eliza Dushku & Her Gray Bearded WAG Rick Fox Take In Lakers-Suns Game 2

What can we say besides Rick Fox is one sexy piece of ass? Yes, we’re [email protected] jealous that a beard like that won’t grow on our face.
There are very few jersey chasers that have taken their game to the level of Eliza Dushku. It’s as if she’s trying to sample athlete dong from each discipline.

In other words, from our perspective, she’s trying to finish a sporting dong pentathlon. What’s next? UFC, because it’s SO NOW? If she really wants to shock us, her next move would be to table tennis. Start hanging out at Laker games with Tuan Soo Lee, Thailand’s bad boy of ping pong and really make headlines.
Here she is with the Silver Fox last night at the Suns-Lakers game.
We’ll be waiting for the Soo Lee-Dushku photos in 2011.

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