Manute Bol Battling Acute Kidney Failure

Update: From this Facebook Group….Manute is currently in a Critical Care Unit at a hospital in Northern Virginia. He has now had two dialysis treatments, and his blood levels are showing improvement. A reaction to medication given him in Africa has caused Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, causing upper levels of his skin to separate. The hospital is looking to transfer him to a burn unit.
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Posted: May 17, 2010
Premise of Video: (from vlogger) Manute Bol is suffering from acute kidney failure and is being treated at a hospital in Northern Virginia. He was returning from Sudan, and was not able to continue his trip home to Olathe, Kansas. A severe reaction to medication given in Kenya has caused Stevens – Johnson Syndrome. Please pray for Manute’s recovery!”
Climax of Video: #None#
Conclusion: We’ll follow up on this later today to give you any news we can gather on Bol’s health. He’s a BC favorite for obvious reasons. Stay tuned.

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