The Afternoon Dump: Calgary Police Get Into A Fight, Englishmen Pass Up On Cheryl Cole, Mac’s Are Just Horrible, 5 Things That Still Dont Exist, Celebs Caught Staring, Asstastic Charlize Theron, & Arianny Celeste Has An Itch


Jayden Cole will knock your socks off.

Only 3 more days until the big 21. Know what that means? I get to rent hotel rooms, not that I need it.

Lebron will stay in Cleveland. He wants to be the next MJ but bigger, only way of doing that is by staying in the same city. ‘Super Stars’ will only be known for by staying in the same city, no one likes players who switch cities for the money.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Calgary police vs. football fans [Totally Crap]
51% of Englishmen would pass up on Cheryl Cole if it meant winning the World Cup [Sportress of Blogitude]
Rasheed Wallace isn’t a huge fan of Dwight Howard [Guyism]
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Are the 25 highest paid coaches in the NCAAF worth it? [Bleacher Report]
16 amusing pictures that make Mac’s look horrible [Regretful Morning]
5 things your parents thought would exist by now [Holy Taco]
The best way to kill time in the office[Asylum]
Celebs caught staring, there are a lot [Celebrity Odor]
This is what happens when you OD on Viagra [F-Listed]
Miss Massachusetts has an NHL connection [The Slanch Report]
Charlize Theron is asstastic [Don Chavez]
Rima Fakih use to be a pole dancer before she won Miss USA [Bro Bible]
Paris Hilton is all about the funny smelling cigarettes [Celebslam]
Arianny Celeste has one awesome itch [Giggity Greg]

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