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San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson Has Hottest Offspring Of Any GM – EVER – Trust Us!

doug wilson daughters

There was a Miss USA pageant last night that we didn’t watch but most of you single, bored and lonely readers did watch and lusted after Miss Massachusetts.

As the Slanch Report tells us today, Miss Mass. would be none other than 26-year-old Lacey Wilson, daughter of San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson.

Maybe you remember Doug’s other daughter Chelsea from our small expose on her a couple years ago.

Together, the Wilson daughers have been annointed – by Busted Coverage – as The Hottest Offspring Of A Sports GM – EVER!

Have contenders for this title?

Email us and let us be the judge.

Lacey Wilson:

lacey wilson 1

lacey wilson 2

lacey wilson 3

And Chelsea (with tie):





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