Hottest Of The Mid-Majors: More Of Miami (O.) Sisters From Albania

Ella, preparing to swim the English Channel to catch flight to U.S.

It seems appropriate to give Miami (O.) University our attention this morning because the hockey team won yesterday, giving the school its very first national championship appearance in any sport.

That’s cool and all, but most of you aren’t here for college hockey news.

On Friday it’s all about the ladies and this week Art McGregor tackled the mid-majors. He reports that finding BC-worthy women was not exactly easy. But he struggled through and discovered sisters at Miami who came to the U.S. from Albania.

This happens to be one of our life dream scenarios.

Art reports that Darina (sophomore) and Ella (senior) came to the ‘states in the 90s.

Who says that Cold War thing wasn’t worth winning?,” McGregor opines.


Here is what we really like about the Miami sisters – they stick together.

Big sis shows her sibling how to party, model a skin tight dress and how to dress up like a cop.

We have no word on the relationship status of these two but you can be sure, from the look of things, that two lucky ass Banana Republic wearing idiots at Miami are having the time of their lives.

Now, if only we could get a female Albanian intern.