Bikini Models Jess Rockwell & Chy Huang Are Bill Simmons Pool Girls In ESPN Comedy Short

The sex stuff at ESPN HQ in Bristol continues to make headlines.
Meanwhile, Bill Simmons is next to a pool with two chicks with giant implants. Seems like this ESPN L.A. idea was smart after all.
The reason Simmons is with women named Jess & Chy is because the Sports Guy was staring (in an episode of Mayne Street) as a southern California rich guy with a column who likes the Clippers and implanted chicks. ESPN even sneaks Stacy Keibler into the mix but the real focus is on “Jenn with two ‘n’s.”

“Bill Simmons’ Bikini Model Pool Chicks” in their work uniforms, after the jump.

To be honest, this is our first foray into watching anything online featuring Kenny Mayne.

Without the boobs, BC would have passed.

Our impression of Sports Guy? Well delivered lines. Other than that, not much to report.

Art McGregor, impressed by the first minute of the show, went stumping to figure out who these two future WAGs were and came back with the names (Jess is the blond and Chy is the foreign looking one).

Oh, and we have Twitter accounts if you think they’ll talk to you or follow you stupid tweets.

[Jess Rockwell – Twitter]
[Chy Huang – Twitter]

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