Arizona State Cheerleaders Off-Season Training Program Includes Hands-Free Watermelon Eating & Hanging With Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds

What have the Arizona State cheerleaders been up to this offseason, you ask?

BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor (more of his work at Blog on the Run) has the latest news out of Tempe and as you expected, it includes bikinis and famous men.

Busy past couple weeks for the Arizona State cheerleaders. First they had tryouts, then the premiere with Wolverine where they posed with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Capped it with a bikini birthday bash for a teammate’s 19th birthday. There seems to be some perks (and perky ones) that come along with being a cheerleader at ASU.

Huge Jackman was interviewed at the Wolverine premiere and said he loved Tempe and was moving there.

We’re trying to figure out if Hugh said that before or after the Sun Devil cheerleaders got close to him for a team photo.

We’ll cut to the chase. The Arizona State ladies know how to keep the offseason interesting.

Bikinis. Fruit. Pools. Cameras.

….still trying to figure out why we subject ourselves and staff to Midwestern winters and lack of sunshine.

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