The Afternoon Dump: Ex Giant Shows Erection, Team Player Nate Robinson, NFL Hates 420FL, Naughty Teachers, Best Trick on WoW Player, Footlong(TM), Tila Tequila’s Horrible Music, & Winnie Cooper


Caitlin Hixx has one of the nicest backsides in the world.

Today was a day about fixing cars. Had to help out two people today and only one of them is fixed.

Cavs may lose to the Celtics, kind of surprised on that. The only reason I know this is because of Sports Center.

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Afternoon Dump

Former Giant wants to show you his erection [The Slanch Report]
You can buy the “Field of Dreams” site [Sportress of Blogitude]
Nate Robinson is a team player [unathletic]
NFL not to happy with the 420FL [Bro Bible]
Leonard Davis is a big softie [The Sporting Blog]
Naughty teachers and their sluttish crimes [Regretful Morning]
What do guys do to ruin the moment? [Asylum]
If your roommate plays WOW then make sure you change his password [Totally Crap]
5 ways to clean up an oil spill [Holy Taco]
Subway doesn’t want you using footlongs [Guyism]
Don’t go buy Tila Tequila’s new album [Celebrity Odor]
Kristin Cavallari is smoking at the Nylon party [Don Chavez]
Why in the world would Noemie Lenoir try to kill herself? [Celebslam]
Winnie Cooper poses for Maxim [Anyguey]

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