Daily Dump: Manny Ramirez & WAG Cleavage Action, Free Lap Dances For Lebron, Maria Menounos Talks Shit, Bengie Molina Talks Shit, Charles Barkley Talks Shit, Uchitel Talking Shit, Mets Trainer Reach Around, NSFW Classic Tera Patrick & Sofia Sucking


Guess that former WAG ass…..answer is HERE!

So we watched The Doors on American Masters (PBS) last night and awoke this morning to a WTF was that moment.

Why did we end up at an Irish soccer game where one minute some chick was doing skateboarding tricks outside the stadium and the next she was vomiting and we helped her to get water but that caused her to go green in the face and die.

F@ck off, Jim Morrison. Take your Mojo Risen to some other dude’s head.

Johnny Depp narrating was a nice touch. Now if only we could get that dead fox lying in a road part of the documentary out of our heads.

Carry on.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Manny Ramirez & the WAG but with minor cleav! []

Free lap dances for Lebron if he joins the Knicks! [Out of Bounds]

In case you missed it, Maria Menounos “talks shit” on Twitter [YouBeenBlinded]

Bengie Molina “talks shit” about ESPN via his blog [Behind the Mask]

Charles Barkley “talks shit” about San Antonio women being fat [HoopsVibe]

Tiger’s whore Rachel Uchitel text “talking shit” to some dude before Tiger [Radar]

Phillies stealing signs? Pffft, that guy just likes watching via binoculars [700 Level]

5 Defenses Lawrence Taylor Might Pull Out Of His Ass During Trial [Guyism]

Costumes at Tenn. Titans cheerleader finals are fantastic! [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Mets trainer now giving in-game reach arounds [The Sports Hernia]

Plaxico helps train Lillo Brancato (A Bronx Tale) in jail; actor in best shape ever! [Tirico Suave]

Seriously: Tom Izzo performs in Broadway show [The Dagger]

15 Greatest WTF Moments In Cartoon History [Manofest]

The 6th grader who’ll totally get laid down the road after this performance [Flisted]

An Ohio couple selling sex toys at some sort of lemonade stand [OneQuickBeer]

Today’s Tail:

Point Of Boobs: You know, the photos chicks takeof their racks on a beach [Coed]

Hulk Hogan’s latest POA looks like Brooke minus the busted face [Don Chavez]

Video: Canadian porn channel porn chicks read Shakespeare [BroBible]

While we’re at it: NSFW Classic Tera Patrick before the rack increase [BoobieBlog]

Sofia Vergara sucking down some kind of food on a stick [CelebSlam]

Victoria’s Secret ‘Bombshells’: As you’d expect, hot chicks you’ll never talk to [Totally Crap]

The Hottest Playboy Playmates Of The Internet Searchable Photo Era [Gunaxin]

In Fitness News: Jennifer could run a marathon and bang all night [Uncoached]

Holly Madison spends her Vegas days having bikini showdowns [HeymanHustle]

We demand to know what college is lucky enough to have Shelly enrolled [Funtasticus]

28 Twisty and Bendy Babes – a gallery [Regretful Morning]

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