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The Greatest Boobs In University Of Texas Undie Run History – And A Pearl Necklace, Too!


The boys at Friends of the Program somehow managed to snag some photos of the recent Univeristy of Texas Undie Run® and this chick smacked us in the face.

You see that photo above and below (which we rarely do on the front page), Penn State Undie Run dorks?

That is Undie Run gold. Look closely and start recruiting your women accordingly. She is proud of these puppies and works out accordingly to compliment the rack. Of course that workout doesn’t include pulled pork, draft beer and ice cream. Water and tofu. Learn it ladies. The two things you need to maintain this figure.

24 or so more shots of the action can be seen at FOTP. Go there and rethink why you ended up at NW Missouri State.


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