Cuff 'Em: Carla Westbrook-Spaniel Is A Texas Middle School Principal Who'll Beat Some Bouncer Ass


From My Fox Houston:

A Fort Worth middle school principal remained in jail Monday after police say she wrestled with officers and punched a bouncer at a downtown Dallas nightclub.

Carla Westbrook-Spaniel is charged with two counts of child abandonment for allegedly leaving her 3- and 4-year-old children alone at the nearby Adolphus Hotel. She is also charged with one count of public intoxication.

The scuffle began after midnight Saturday morning outside a nightclub on Main Street, according to police. Reports say Westbrook-Spaniel argued with the bouncer, who wouldn’t let her in because she didn’t meet the dress code.

The school principal reportedly tried to slip past the bouncer, then punched him in the stomach when he caught her.

When Dallas officers arrived, she wrestled with them, according to the Dallas Morning News, and scratched her own face as she writhed on the ground.

Yeah, normally we aren’t pull quoting so much info, but this is a case that we figured needed the detailing. The first thought inside our fuzzy heads was that the bouncer drilled her after she hit him in the stomach. Then we learn she did it to herself while scuffling.

How many kinds of awesome is this story. She is supposed to be in school on Monday but instead is eating prison slop.

And the face. WOW!

We’ve covered just about everything in the 2.5 years this scumbag operation has been up and running and this one is a classic mug shot. Even a hint of ‘stache. Awesome!

Um, kids, mommy has a slight drinking problem and you’ll be going off to Iraq to be with daddy. Sorry.

[Fort Worth ISD Principal Arrested on Multiple Charges]

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