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California Teen Has Javelin Go Through His Hip & Exit Via His Ass

javelinSo your Monday sucked balls? Not as much as this kid’s Monday.

“Witnesses say a group of boys found the javelin in some bushes in front of Westmont Park Community Center. They had just thrown it when the victim ran around the corner of the building.”

“Daniel Hearn said he saw the teen running toward the javelin and fall to his knees after he was injured.”

The kids, who we’ll call Nails, then pulled the javelin out of his body. And was able to talk to ‘investigators.’ Thankfully the socialist, ambulance chasing, police-hating news media was on the scene to get a shot of the javelin. Kudos, I-Team.

[Teen Accidentally Stabbed With Javelin In Pomona – CBS2]

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