Video: A Greek Basketball Fan You Would See Getting Tasered At A NBA Game


Like we mentioned earlier this morning, the NBA sucks giant dong. It’s completely boring and only deserves watching in the last 2:00 of a game when there are suddenly 15 timeouts at the useless coach’s disposal.

That is why we’ve turned to watching Greek basketball. These people are passionate and willing to jump onto the backboards while shirtless and apparently drunk.

Video after the jump from AEK vs. some other Greek lettered team.

Posted: May 9, 2010.

Premise of Video: Guy gets drunk on whatever Greek dudes get drunk on. His buddy has an extra ticket but tells his friend that he’ll have to get shirtless and climb out of the stands and act like a crazy monkey during the middle of the game if he wants the ticket. They shake on it.

Climax of Video: Shirtless dude acts like his Greek public works system pension was just taken away.

Conclusion: Suck it, NBA.

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