Cuff ‘Em: Travis Parmelee Tasered After Heckling Tiger Woods, Shows Taser Barb Marks After Bailing Out


Here we go again.

ESPN will now focus its entire week on whether using a Taser on golf fans is unjust/fair/unAmerican after drunk dude, Travis Parmelee, got insanely blotto and heckled Tiger Woods before Eldrick pulled out with a bulging dick.

Parmelee got so drunk he didn’t remember, after bailing out of jail, the heckling incident that resulted in him having electric shocks sent through his body.

Jacksonville’s I-Team Investigators® at News4 were there when Travs got out of jail.

Parmelee was stunned and arrested Friday afternoon when after deputies said he was being belligerent and refused to leave the course.St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Chuck Mulligan said Parmelee was heckling golfers near the 11th hole.Mulligan said course marshals repeatedly asked Parmelee to stop, but when he refused, the PGA called deputies.

Mulligan said deputies asked Parmelee to stop and finally asked him to leave the course. They said Parmelee refused, so they tried to take him into custody.”He continued to physically resist, after several command(s) to stop resisting,” according to the arrest report.

Then, as if there isn’t much else to report, News4 sent its investigators to the jail for an interview because, frankly, there wasn’t shit going on in Jacksonville. Kudos to the I-Team for getting to the bottom of this “stunning” story.

(Want more stupid Taser cliches? Watch the stupid News4 video report.)

[Golf Fan Stunned By Deputies Bails Out]

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