The Arizona State 2010 Undie Run Highlighted By Chicks Wearing Undies With Messages

We’re finally addressing the 2010 Arizona State Undie Run because, frankly, we are worn out by this event even though it’s a great, free chance to see drunk college chicks in bras and panties.

The ASUers took to the campus earlier this week and our brahs at Friends of the Program have serious gallery action of the event. Go there to look at the pics and videos.

But there is one thing that caught our attention from the run – using the female undies to spread a message. We’re seeing multiple Tempe12 logos. Imagine that. And one chick in undies who’s ass declares “Take My Picture.” Could corporate sponsorship of asses for undie runs be far behind?

We say no. If you are a business major this could be a side project. You figure out the numbers on your campus and hit up Busted Coverage to sponsor some undies in the fall.

[Undie Running at Arizona State – FOTP]

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