Daily Dump: The Texas A&M Tennis Player In A Bikini, NY Jets Flight Crew Auditions, Eric Byrnes Turns To Softball, Johnny Damon Sleep Issues, John Mayer’s Faggish Tennis Outfit, Sasha Grey Talks About Porn 9-To-5 And Brooke Hogan Hoots Hit The Beach

Just another hot chick named Elana whose body won’t disappoint you on this Friday.

Lawrence Taylor never ceases to amaze us.

First off there is no way this guy is passing a drug test. And second, what the hell is he doing in Suffern, NY, an out of the way place on the Northern New Jersey border?

So his attorney says LT just wants to go home to Florida. Well, douchebag, you could have been in Florida instead of banging underage chicks being slaved out by some strung out crackhead pimp.

And speaking of douchebags messing around with young chicks, we read this morning that Joe Francis is teaming up with Mark Cuban’s HDNet for a series to find “America’s Hottest Chick.”

This shouldn’t end well.



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