The Afternoon Dump: Best Phillies Taser Parodies, Retarded Names For Tim Tebow, Best Tennis Sight: Maria Sharapova, Not Allowed To Wear USA Shirts, Do The Dick Slang, Gorgeous Dana Barese, & Kari Traa Looks Good In The Snow


Ludwika Paleta knows how to show awesome side boob.

Sucked on the front nine today but did much better on the back nine. I found out what the problem was with my swing so that means the next time I go I should be much better.

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Afternoon Dump

Philies taser guy meme, quite amusing [Holy Taco]
Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape, come on LT [Guyism]
Tim Tebow already has some retarded nicknames [Sportress of Blogitude]
This suit seems to have a lot of merit [unathletic]
Maria Sharapova may be the best sight to look at in tennis [Don Chavez]
…now I know how to search for boobs [Asylum]
Piggyback enthusiast gets busted by police [The Slanch Report]
You are not allowed to wear USA shirts on Cinco De Mayo [Regretful Morning]
Bill Murray is a stud, 3 women in one night [BroBible]
Do the dick slang to attract women [Totally Crap]
7 people who won the lottery and did something stupid [EgoTV]
Dana Barese is a hot model [Muff Slap]
Hannah Hilton can wear pink like no one else [The Beer Goggler]
Kari Traa looks great in the snow [Big Smudge]
Tila Tequila doing her thing again [Celebrity Odor]

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