Redskins Threaten To Fire Cheerleader If Husband Yapped To ABC About Iraq Return Reunion

And here we go again with fuck ups from the Daniel Snyder Washington Redskins.

How about threatening to fire a cheerleader if her husband talked to ABC about his surprise reunion with his wife at a cheerleader practice.Why? Because NBC is the Redskins media partner. So who got the story and ran it on the news this week? NBC. And what news station was banned entrance to Fed Ex Field? ABC. And what TV station did the Lt. call first to do the story? ABC.

Dude says he didn’t want his wife to get in trouble so he allowed team to dictate the coverage. The ‘Skins say they are so sorry. Bullshit. Fuck off, Snyder.
[Redskins owner apologizes over TV dispute involving cheerleader]

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