Daily Dump: Tebow Jersey Sales Hit #1, Miss Kentucky Goes Down, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Web Site, Introducing N.C. State’s Lauren Peters, UFC Father Drinks Urine, The Peter Pan Tat, Peruvian N-Cups! & Mexican Weather Hotties


Jennifer Hawkins & her legs on some red carpet. Just remember to come back to BC.

It’s official.

There are a bunch of pussies out there buying Tim Tebow jerseys. We suggest you wear one to a Philadelphia Eagles game and don’t forget to take a video camera.

Teboner’s #15 is now the #1 selling jersey in the NFL.

And, of course, numbnuts is humbled.

“I think it’s an honor for people to want my jersey and want to have it and want to wear it,” Tebow said Wednesday afternoon. “It is somewhat surreal to have it sell more than some of these people I grew up idolizing.”

We just think it’s proof that the U.S. economy is rebounding. All these idiots have enough money to buy jerseys but can’t pay for food. You know we’re looking at you, Florida fan living in a trailer park.



Today’s Dump:

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Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders unveil new web site, look like expensive hookers [ATL Cheer]

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Today’s Tail:

You like boobs? How about Peruvian N-CUPS! (SFW Photos!) [Ninemsn]

Suck it, Weather Channel: The World’s Hottest Mexican Weathercasters [Asylum]

In case you haven’t seen enough Mexican chicks: 47 Hot Tamales [BroBible]

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