Cuff 'Em: Jason Adkins Takes Douchebag Soccer Coach Of The Year Award


Recently we compiled a list of questions that should be asked before hiring a youth coach. That list was for perverts but could be modified for assholes like Jason Adkins.


A Spotsylvania youth soccer coach, Jason Adkins, 34, was arrested for yelling at and assaulting two referees.

According to witnesses, Adkins’ team, made up of mostly 10-year-olds, had suffered a penalty whereby the opposing team was being allowed a penalty kick. Adkins became enraged and went onto the field yelling at one of the referees. Adkins approached the referee, who is 16 years old, and began bumping the referee’s chest, then grabbed the front of the referee’s shirt, balled it up in a fist under his chin. The referee at this time ejected Adkins from the game.

Adkins then, reportedly, went after the 20-year-old ref and broke his sunglasses and grabbed his neck.

Here is our professional opinion on Mr. Adkins after looking at his booking photo:

Let’s cut to the chase. This moron doesn’t get laid very often. Maybe once a month his wife feels like giving it up which means he’s full of anger – and sperm. He works some shitty job and prefers to call his boss an asshole on a daily basis. His kid(s) hate him. He hates himself.

Over the years and beers, his once athletic ass started to get doughy, hence the double-chin camouflage.

Then, to cap it all off, his wife tells him that coaching Colin’s soccer team would be a great father-son bonding experience. Bullshit.

Jason doesn’t give two shits about soccer. He’d much rather be slamming beers with his high school buddies at a Hooters and thinking about how great it would be to get laid more than once a month.

One thing leads to another and his ass goes off during an early May soccer game. There were 50 witnesses.

Sorry, brah, but it looks like it’ll be at least 6-8 months before that wife of yours gives it up to such a douchebag.

[Soccer Coach Arrested For Assaulting Ref]

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