Chicks: Danka Horvathova's Naked Body Prepares Slovakian Men For World Cup In Playboy Slovakia June 2010 Issue


Welcome to our feature here at Busted Coverage simply called “Chicks” where we feature models, magazine shoots, etc.

If you are a model who’d like to be featured, email us and we’ll be the judge and jury to determine if you are worthy of our pageviews.

Before it even comes out of your mouth, no, we can’t show Ms. Horvathova naked. This blog is already on the fringe of pissing off advertisers. One post of nip action and the rug is pulled out from under us.

So, you’ll have to deal with the NSFW Playboy Slovakia photos from the June 2010 issue made SFW. If you want the full goods, go buy the magazine.

Or go visit Danka’s Facebook account and friend her with hopes that one day you’ll visit Europe, end up naked with her and drinking Russian vodka.

Photos after the jump.

[nggallery id=125]

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